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Kingrun  245 / 75 R 16

Tyre Size


Load Rating

120 (1400 Kg)

Speed Rating

Q (160 Klms/H)

Brand Name / Pattern

Kingrun M5000

Tyre Price


Tyre Description

 The Kingrun M5000, though simple in name is far from simple in nature. It features some of the latest technology in Tyres currently available on the market. These features include but are not limited to, Three main staggered grooves which utilise an aggressive pattern design providing amazing traction no matter what surface you are on. It also uses a high void ration and open shoulder in order to counteract aquaplaning while also allowing them to be self cleaning. In addition, the block tread design makes use of multiple sipes which reduce tread damage in off-road conditions while still managing to provide outstanding off-road traction. Plus the special casing profile and solid shoulder pattern enhance the maximum traction and cornering performance. This Mud Terrain Tyre really is in a league of its own. Phone or Visit ETyreStore Today for more information! Visit for more information.  
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